• Five Things to Consider When Givings Pets as Gifts


    It’s crunch time for holiday shoppers and finding that perfect gift that makes a friend or family member stand up and jump for joy remains very much on the minds of many this week.

    Giving the gift of a new furry, feathered, or scaled family member is a frequent choice for a real WOW-factor holiday present. That said, if a new pet is on your mind this holiday season, here are five things to consider.

    1. Check with the recipient – Even at the risk of spoiling the surprise, make sure that the intended recipient wants a new pet. Check with parents that they are willing to help a child care for an animal, for instance, and ensure they are able to financially take on the responsibility.

    2. Double check allergies – Confirm any allergies among all household members. No one wants to go get an allergy shot after opening what’s supposed to be an extra special gift, after all.

    3. Confirm pets are allowed – Even if you know your intended recipient really wants a cat or dog, make sure they don’t live in a building or development that doesn’t allow pets.

    4. Is the pet a good match? – You want to make sure you know the animal you are getting matches the lifestyle, physical limitation, ages, and personalities in the household.

    5. Adopt – When you adopt, you give an animal a chance at a better life. Adopting from a reputable animal shelter also has many practical benefits. All our adoptable animals, for example, receive spay/neuter services, vaccines, and a health and behavioral screening.

    *Courtesy of the Animal Rescue League of Boston